Finding the Right Internet Provider

Are Internet Service Providers Watching Your Online Activity?Searching for local internet providers in my area on the internet used to be a way to find a decent local provider that you could depend on but in the early days of the internet wars thousands of internet providers appeared over night and then disappeared as quickly as they came on to the scene. By now most local internet providers have been swallowed up by larger companies to gain access countrywide to customers and systems already in place. Even the local providers that seem local are usually an arm of a much larger provider that decided to keep the name in place.

These days it’s best to search the area you live in for the best provider that area has and actively read the reviews by its users. A cable provider in one part of the country may be fantastic but just so-so in your area. A lot of that has to do with these larger companies buying out other companies servers and not upgrading as fast as they need to. A person in California might be accessing the network through brand new servers while in Maryland the servers still need to be upgraded. After getting a good idea of what the best provider in your area is then its time to check a few more things.

Look up the company on the internet and see what their plans are for the future and where they have decided to upgrade. Look specifically for your are and what will be happening there over the next few years. It may seem a bit unnecessary but if you are looking for dependable service you need to do a little homework. Sure, all companies will have some detractors but the n\more you know about the companies providing internet access in your local area the better off your experience will be.

Just Got to Houston Today

I got to Houston this morning and spent a couple of hours looking around I figured that I would stop and have a look at the old Astrodome, which is probably not going to be here when I get back here next year. I guess that they sold the naming rights to reliant energy and it is called Reliant Park or the Reliant Astrodome. It is not as big as the newer Reliant Stadium where the Houston Texans play. Of course you do not want to get these people into a conversation about that football team right now. They fired their head coach about the time I hit town and everyone was pretty riled up about the way that they had lost twice to the Jacksonville jaguars, including the game that was on last night on Thursday Night Football.

I guess they looked pretty bad, but I was on the road at the time, pulling out of St Louis last night about the time that game kicked off I guess.

How to Keep Ourselves Safe

I don’t like to take chances. I grew up in a city that was less than friendly to the people that lived there. A day or night didn’t go by that I wasn’t exposed to the sound of gun shots outside my window or the shouts of people fighting or even hearing of a neighbor being robbed. Even our home was robbed twice back to back resulting in the loss of nearly every single electronic device in the house. It was a terrible place to grow up. After moving I looked for the best home security in Fort Worth – I wasn’t going to allow myself to be a victim again.

It’s a terrible way to live. The constant fear, I mean. Living night after night with one eye open and your body tense with the readiness to respond at the slightest noise.